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Keeping Track of Your Senior Loved One’s Medication

Keeping Track of Your Senior Loved One’s Medication

Do you keep a written or visual record of your senior loved one’s medicines? When you’re their primary caregiver, this information is very vital. Keeping a list of their medicines, and making it as updated as possible, can guide their physician in prescribing the right medication that they need. Since we provide quality Home Care in Banning, California, we recognize that adhering to medications is such an essential step for a senior’s overall well-being. With this, we encourage you to find ways to keep a list of your loved one’s medication to ensure that they’re getting the right treatment.

However, you may be wondering about what information you should include in your medication list. Here are our recommendations:

  • Medicine Information
    On your loved one’s medication record, you need to write down the medical information of the medicine. These include the name of the medicine, its manner of acquisition whether it’s prescribed or bought over-the-counter, or whether it’s a vitamin or mineral. This information can also help guide a Caregiver in California whenever you seek their assistance to care for your aging loved one in your place.
  • Frequency of Intake
    You also need to include listing the frequency of the medicine’s intake. It can be four times a day, once a day right after breakfast, and so on. This frequency should be noted because not taking the medicine at the designated schedule can result in overdose or under-dose, which is very risky for their health condition.
  • Dosage
    Different patients require different dosage for their medicines. This figure is also important to note in your loved one’s medication record. Doctors will need to know if your family member will need to increase or decrease their dosage based on their experience in the past.
  • Name of Doctor
    When your loved one’s medication has been prescribed, it’s also important to note down who was the doctor who provided the medicine. This information provides at least two-fold benefits. One is that you know who to go to for follow-up, and two is that you can approach them should any undesirable consequence occurs.
  • Purpose of the Medicine
    Additionally, include in your recording what the medicine is for. This can reinforce your memory on whether you have administered the right medicine to your loved one or not. Medicines have their particular symptom or illness to treat, so you would want to know if these conditions have been addressed by medicine.
  • Length of Use
    You also need to be guided on the amount of time that the medication should be used. Some medicines, such as anti-bacterial drugs, need to be taken in a specific period. You have to note this to ensure that you’ve complied with the days.

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