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Winter Tips: Dress for the Weather

Winter starts in December and ends in February, but it isn’t too late for some tips on how to dress accordingly, right? Anyway, this information will forever be useful to everyone. For seniors, you can apply it to yourself, share it with your family and friends, or tell your grandchildren about it—the cycle goes on. … Continue reading

What You Can Do to Help a Bedridden Loved One

Some patients have to stay in bed due to a debilitating condition. If your loved one is one of them, know that there are things you can do to help them stay healthy, happy, and comfortable. As a provider of senior care in Beaumont, California, we offer this list of tips: Take care of their … Continue reading

Holiday Activities You Can Do with Your Senior

Are you planning to visit grandma or grandpa for the holiday season? Give them memories they’ll remember forever by spending quality time with them. But how do you do that? As a provider of senior care in Beaumont, California, we know how important it is that you find activities that don’t strain them too much. … Continue reading

What Makes Elderly Insomnia Happen?

Sleeping difficulty among seniors can be common at their age. This condition is called elderly insomnia. We know that having a good amount of sleep is helpful for their overall well-being. However, when insomnia occurs, your senior loved one may face health consequences along the way. As providers of trusted senior care services in California, … Continue reading

Keeping Track of Your Senior Loved One’s Medication

Do you keep a written or visual record of your senior loved one’s medicines? When you’re their primary caregiver, this information is very vital. Keeping a list of their medicines, and making it as updated as possible, can guide their physician in prescribing the right medication that they need. Since we provide quality Home Care … Continue reading

How to Make the Most of Your Day with Granny

Whether you have it indoors or outdoors, spending time with our senior loved ones can always come as a treat to them, but even more rewarding to you. When they said it’s better to give than to receive, this also aptly applies to give your time to your aging Granny. However, as Caregivers in California, … Continue reading