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Preventing Social Isolation Among Seniors

The possibility of a senior to become more isolated as they age is very high. Their family members may not always be at home to accompany them. This is why it is important to ask for help from a caregiver in Banning, California. Social isolation can impact older adults’ health negatively. Seniors who are socially … Continue reading

What Do You Know About Sickle Cell Disease?

The Disease In celebration of the World Sickle Cell Day, Caregivers Galore takes part in raising awareness about SCD or sickle cell disease by imparting our knowledge about this illness and how it affects our well-being. According to the Sickle Cell Society, SCD is a genetic condition that affects the red blood cells. SCD hinders … Continue reading

Don’t Wait for Tomorrow. Fight against Cancer Now!

May is known as the Cancer Awareness Month, and as a provider of senior care in Beaumont, California, we aim to help educate you about the various things you can do to prevent cancer. Cancer can take the lives of your loved ones and yours as well. You don’t want that to happen right? So, … Continue reading

Preventing Aging Issues: Ways to Prevent Osteoporosis

By medical definition, osteoporosis is a disease in which the density and quality of bones are reduced. As such, falls and other accidents that may result in fractures are increased. There are several factors linked to osteoporosis. These include genetics and lifestyle, among others. To reduce the risk of acquiring the disease later in life, … Continue reading

What Would You Cook For Grandma and Grandpa?

Worried about the contents of your grandparent’s platter but too much in a hurry to make more planned meals? There are smart and zippy recipes to try. A big chunk of healthy lifestyles is the meal. As advocates of senior care in Beaumont, California, we understand how certain routines and schedules can cause unwanted time … Continue reading

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Winter Tips: Dress for the Weather

Winter starts in December and ends in February, but it isn’t too late for some tips on how to dress accordingly, right? Anyway, this information will forever be useful to everyone. For seniors, you can apply it to yourself, share it with your family and friends, or tell your grandchildren about it—the cycle goes on. … Continue reading

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