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Skin Care Tips for Aging Adults

Skin Care Tips for Aging Adults

Anyone can end up with skin problems if they do not take good care of their skin. However, since aging adults no longer produce natural oils that add a layer of skin protection, they are more prone to dry skin than their younger counterparts. As a result, they are likely to develop skin problems quickly.

Excessive dryness in the skin can activate inflammation and cracks. Hence, it allows the bacteria to enter the skin, causing infection. When a skin disease develops, it can interfere with a person’s activities because of tenacious itchiness and sores.

For your senior loved one to maintain healthy skin, applying moisturizers after every bath (or as needed) and drinking of water can get the job done. They may also need to go easy on soaking in hot water in their tub because their skin can dry out unless they pour a bit of oil in their bathwater. If they need assistance in maintaining their skin care regimen, they can have a caregiver in Banning, California to help them out.

Some prescriptions may cause your senior loved one to have dry skin, according to a care professional from senior care in Beaumont, California. In this case, they need to consult with their doctor for options, treatment, or other advice.

Bad habits like smoking can also cause skin dryness because it causes their skin to age quickly. If they are having problems with quitting, they may want to attend smoking cessation programs.

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