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What Makes Elderly Insomnia Happen?

What Makes Elderly Insomnia Happen?

Sleeping difficulty among seniors can be common at their age. This condition is called elderly insomnia. We know that having a good amount of sleep is helpful for their overall well-being. However, when insomnia occurs, your senior loved one may face health consequences along the way. As providers of trusted senior care services in California, we encourage you to find ways to determine the cause of your loved one’s insomnia, which is only a sign of a major health issue.

Here are the common conditions that result in insomnia:

  • Anxiety/Stress
    When your loved one faces pressure at work or excessive worry about their personal loss, they can dwell on this thought frequently which affects their sleeping hours.
  • Depression
    When your loved one is going through clinical depression, they will have difficulty falling asleep. This is very important to take note of so that you can provide proper intervention to their mental illness. Additionally, insomnia can result in depression tendencies.
  • Poor Sleeping Schedule
    When your senior loved one also has a sleeping schedule that’s frequently not followed, their sleep can be affected as their body clock adjusts to their schedule. If you need assistance in complying with a schedule like this, ask assistance from a caregiver in California.
  • Bad Sleeping Habits
    Your aging loved one may have been doing activities before bedtime that can affect their interest to sleep. Frequent examples include drinking a caffeinated beverage or having too much screen time. These habits have to be replaced to accommodate good rest.
  • Caffeinated Drinks
    As previously mentioned, drinking beverages with caffeine – such as coffee or tea – can affect your loved one’s interest in sleeping. Caffeine makes a person stay awake, so avoid drinking these beverages right before bedtime.
  • Alcoholic Drinks
    Another major trigger of insomnia is alcohol consumption. While an alcoholic compound can put a person to sleep, their rapid eye movement (REM) can be affected later in the night, thus, disturbing their good sleep.
  • Medicine Side Effects
    The medicines that your loved one is taking can also result in insomnia, as the sleeping difficulty can also be a side effect of some medicines. When you receive your prescription, always ask the doctor about the meds’ side effects so you will know what to do should these occur.
  • Physical Pain
    Going through a certain kind of pain, such as with their specific illnesses, can result in the person forgetting about their medicine. When this is the case, ensure that their pain symptoms are also treated so they can sleep well.

These are among the top list of causes why your aging loved one can have bouts of insomnia. Take them to a doctor’s check-up to properly evaluate their condition. A provider of home care in Banning, California can accompany them to these visits when you’re not available to do it. At Caregivers Galore, know that your loved one is in good hands.

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