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How to Make the Most of Your Day with Granny

How to Make the Most of Your Day with Granny

Whether you have it indoors or outdoors, spending time with our senior loved ones can always come as a treat to them, but even more rewarding to you. When they said it’s better to give than to receive, this also aptly applies to give your time to your aging Granny. However, as Caregivers in California, we also recognize that being with our Granny can be challenging particularly if there are care needs in place.

We urge you not to make these challenges as a hindrance, and instead, find every opportunity to spend quality time with your elderly loved one, and make the most of these moments.

So as leading providers of Senior Care Services in California, we would like to share these reminders on enjoying quality time with our elderly loved ones.

  • Give Your Full Attention
    When conversing with your senior beloved, you may get easily distracted because of the low volume of their voices or the way they take time in speaking. These are all natural aspects of aging and which can make them unique. Hence, fully focus in conversing with them. Look them in the eyes, respond with facial expressions, and listen attentively.
  • Ask Important Life Events
    When you’re spending time with your loved one, remember that they are the VIPs of that moment. So let them share about their lives or experiences. Sometimes, they may not know what to talk about, but by asking them, they can be guided as to what to share. This can also help you assess the stories and values that truly matter to them, and in so doing, letting them feel validated and recognized.
  • Do Their Hobbies Together
    Your Granny will surely have something they will really have fun doing. These hobbies make them feel productive every day. You can also do this activity together with them or have them teach it to you. Aside from enjoying a worthwhile time with your senior loved one, you’re also helping them exercise their ability when they’re passing on this knowledge to you.
  • Eat Together
    There is always something good that happens over a good meal. With our senior loved ones, this meal also has to be nutritious and balanced. Eating with your aging loved one can help them enjoy their meals, thus, potentially inspire them to eat even more. Having someone to eat with is very appetite-opening for any person, especially for our senior loved ones.
  • Appreciate Them
    No matter how long you spend time with Granny, as long as they know they’re appreciated in your presence, this can be really worthwhile moments. Make it your point to show or express your appreciation to your senior loved one whenever you’re with them.

As we continue to provide Home Care in Banning, California, we also consider ourselves as your family’s partner in giving quality care to your aging loved ones. Hence, our team at Caregivers Galore consistently advocate for making wonderful and meaningful moments with our senior family members.

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