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Tips When Assisting Seniors Outdoors

Tips When Assisting Seniors Outdoors

Do you have the habit of taking your aging loved one outdoors? The sight of nature and outdoor surroundings can be beneficial to their overall wellness, especially that mobility challenges may limit them from making these trips. You can support them in every way by getting help from key providers of Home Care in Banning, California. However, there may come a time that bringing them outdoors can be something you have to do for them on your own.

In these cases, here are significant tips we can share.

  • Dress Properly
    The outdoor atmosphere can affect the current condition of your senior loved one. Regardless of the weather outdoors, be mindful to dress them in a way that they’re comfortable and yet still protected from heat or cold.
  • Check Footwear
    Your senior loved one’s footwear can help maintain their balance as they walk around. Ensure that their footwear is very comfortable. Always ask your aging loved one if they still find it convenient to walk or not.
  • Monitor the Weather
    While the weather is unpredictable, you can always have a forecast and prepare for it. When these trips require a long drive, monitoring for the progress of the weather is very essential for a fruitful trip.
  • Take Your Time
    When you’re outdoors, assisting your aging loved one may take time. This is something we know from experience as Caregivers in California. Hence, it’s very important that you also take your time in walking your aging loved one from point A to point B.
  • Give them Snacks
    Ensure that your senior loved one is not travelling with an empty stomach. Prepare ready-to-eat food items which are also nutritious for them. These can be fruits or bread made from whole grains.
  • Stay Hydrated
    Your elderly family member also needs to have a regular supply of fluid in their body, especially because their sense of thirst may no longer be that sensitive due to age. Help them stay hydrated by encouraging them to drink even for just a sip of water. Eating juicy fruits is also a great alternative.
  • Ensure Steady Balance
    When you assist your senior loved one as you walk around, ensure that their balance is very steady by gently holding their elbow or letting them hold you. Your loved one’s balance has to be kept in check because falls are real risks in the senior population.

Travelling can also be an adventure for our senior loved ones, especially if they’re very adventurous in their younger years. This is something that age cannot snuff out. Whenever your aging family member needs personal or special assistance on these trips, our Senior Care Services in California are always accessible.

We have highly skilled staff at Caregivers Galore who is able to provide the necessary assistance that your senior beloved needs in these outdoor activities. Interested? Don’t feel any hesitation in contacting us for inquiries.

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