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Best Footwear for Different Walks with Your Senior

Best Footwear for Different Walks with Your Senior

Letting your senior loved one wear the right kind of shoes for your day’s agenda can give them a good time to enjoy the day with you. The right footwear can also prevent feet pain or problems from happening since it can give comfort and protection to your senior while wearing them.

For your upcoming events and planned activities, make sure to provide your seniors with shoes that are comfortable and durable as they head out for the activities, or you can also notify your Caregiver in California to have specific shoes at the ready whenever they head out for quick walks such as in the following locations:

  • Beach
    If you are planning on having a day at the beach, let your senior soak up some sun and enjoy the fresh breeze with some open-toed sandals or comfortable slip-ons so they can easily take off their footwear to feel the sand between their toes. Also make sure that the sandals or slip-ons are waterproof and are not hard to wear when it gets wet, although it is still best that they go barefoot on the beach for the therapeutic effect it has on our senses. Feeling the sand and breathing in fresh sea breeze help our brains and senses relax and de-stimulate from our city lives, so if it is great for our well-being, then it will definitely be great for your senior, too.
  • Hike
    Weekend hikes with nature all around also help soothe our senses. The walk alone is already beneficial for your senior in keeping them physically active and on the move. Pair this activity with skid-resistant outdoor shoes for better traction on different terrain while out on your hike. Thick socks also give added protection from shoe chafing for a better fit, and wearing comfortable long pants can protect their knees and legs from plants and insects. It is better to dress appropriately for the hike than to come unprepared for it.
  • Park
    Although most parks have flat and generally smooth surfaces, it is still important to let your senior loved one wear shoes that have comfortable insoles. Whichever pair they prefer to wear, you can always secure heel pads or insoles that are designed to give the wearer that extra needed comfort that will soften their foot’s landing. This is ideal for seniors who experience chronic heel or ball of foot pain, that way, they can enjoy their walk in the park with the assistance of our team providing Home Care in Banning, California with as much comfort as possible.

Giving the best for the elderly can really be felt from head to foot, and with the right footwear, you are giving them the comfort they need to enjoy their walks.

How else do you let your elderly enjoy your walks? Tell us more in the comments below for Caregivers Galore!

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