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Nutritious Snack Ideas Made Easy for Your Seniors

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Eating, at some point, can become a routine that we all need to fulfill just because the time calls for it. Eating should be enjoyable and at the same time good for our bodies since the food we eat becomes who we are, and as we grow older, our bodies will have different nutritional needs from that of a younger individual. Fortify your nutrition and your senior’s with these nutritional snack options that can give them enough energy to last throughout the day.

Good nutrition can be sustained through our Senior Care Services in California. With us, you can be certain that all meals served to your senior are nutritious and delicious. Since snacks are afternoon pick-me-uppers, here are some nutritious snack ideas that you or your senior’s caregiver can make:

  • Something Crispy And Crunchy

    Snacks, like any meal, should come in different variety so your senior can get different kinds of nutrients from the food they eat. Crispy and crunchy foods are ideal to give for a change in food texture, as long as their dental status permits.

    • Cheese and crackers
    • Vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and cauliflowers with any dip of choice
    • Oatmeal cookies with or without raisin
    • Granola or protein bars (unsweetened)
    • Fruit jam and crackers
  • Meaty Or Protein-Rich

    If they had a light salad for lunch, they can have protein-rich snack options to supplement their nutritional needs for the day.

    • Tuna, chicken, bacon or ham sandwich with kale or lettuce
    • Canned or fresh salmon sandwich with tomatoes and lettuce
    • Hardboiled eggs with any dip of choice
    • Egg sandwich with mayonnaise and lettuce
    • Turkey wrap with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and avocado
  • Cool and Healthy

    For humid afternoons, these snack ideas can help your senior cool down from the heat through the help of our providers of Home Care in Banning, California.

    • Yogurt with fresh fruits
    • Fresh fruit smoothies
    • Chilled fresh fruits
    • Fruit packs in fruit juice

With consideration to your senior’s health condition, you can always consult your designated Caregiver in California who is specialized in meal preparation so your senior can always get health-appropriate meals.

Make snack times more nutritious and delicious for your senior with Caregivers Galore.

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