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4 Ways to Help Seniors in Preventing Falls

4 Ways to Help Seniors in Preventing Falls

The level of independence is a vital element among the seniors, but this can be compromised when they figure into a fall accident. According to the CDC, 25% of seniors aged 65 and older experience fall each year. This figure is a bit alarming as falls are also known causes of injuries, fractures, and disabilities in the elderly.

With assistance from providers of Home Care in Banning, California, your senior loved one can be kept safe against falls. However, you still need to implement extra precautionary measures at home so that falling will have a lesser chance in occurring.

  1. Be open
    Openly talk about the reality of falls among seniors and the risks it brings. Being able to discuss fall incidents can give you and your loved one the edge to plan for safety and really work on staying within the safety measures. More importantly, discuss these risks with your loved one’s doctors so they can prescribe other forms of intervention. For instance, if a particular medication is making the senior feel dizzy, thus, putting them at risk for falls, the doctor can prescribe another medication that doesn’t have side effects for your loved one.
  2. Exercise
    Truthfully, engaging in physical exercises can help improve the skeletal and muscular structure of your senior loved one. As a result, they will develop more sense of balance and steadiness when they have to navigate their way around the home. With their doctor-recommended exercise, your loved one will be able to enjoy their independent lifestyle of having to move around when they want to.
  3. Undergo eye exams
    In some cases, falls can be caused by the inability to see clearly. Vision problems are also common among the elderly. Hence, if they’re not able to see things clearly around them, they can easily trip on something, which can be the cause of their fall.
  4. Install safety precautions at home
    You can provide great service for your senior loved one when you re-arrange your home to provide a senior-friendlier accommodation to them. To ensure they’re safe from falls, put up railings along the doorways, stairways, and grab bars in restrooms. Also, ensure that the pathways are cleared from clutters and other tripping hazards.

Is your home fall-proof for your senior loved one? If not, it will be practical for you to invest in repair fixtures for these grabs and railings to be put up. After all, it will be for the overall safety of your senior family member. At Caregivers Galore, we can also assist you in caring for your senior loved ones at home. We have a team of Caregivers in California who are experienced and skilled in their craft so that your loved one can truly be in reliable care.

If you would like to know more about our Senior Care Services in California, don’t hesitate to explore our website or give us a call.

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