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Dressing an Older Adult: 5 Easy Tips for Family Caregivers

Dressing an Older Adult: 5 Easy Tips for Family Caregivers

Changing our clothes is a daily practice that we’re so used to doing until perhaps when we can’t dress on our own anymore. To many seniors, dressing is becoming more of a challenge. As a primary caregiver, you must have also faced this situation with thoughts on finding easier ways to help your senior loved one manage the dressing challenge with ease.

As a premier provider of Senior Care Services in California, let us share with you these easy tips on assisting a senior loved one to dress up. These tips come with a goal of providing you both a convenient and manageable dressing time together.

  1. Give time
    Getting dressed is a private process that many people, especially seniors, will prefer to do on their own, as much as possible. To minimize any negative reactions or frustrations, give enough time for them to get dressed or to change so you will not also feel pressured with time. When they have enough time to change, they can do so with calmness and relaxation – exactly the moods you would want them to have. When they’re done changing, you can now help in fixing the buttons or collars or whatever is still available that needs assistance.
  2. Provide choices
    Don’t make it so hard for the senior person. Don’t force them to wear something they don’t like. Instead, let them choose what they like but provide them with options of at least 3 different types. Just make sure the fashion element in your choices is not compromised.
  3. Check for any skin problem
    In assisting your loved one to dress, you can also have the opportunity to spot-check if they’re having some serious skin problems that will need treating. In particular, check on the hidden skin areas such as the armpits, elbows, or at the back of the knees.
  4. Be prepared for resistance
    Some seniors, especially those with dementia, may show resistance as you assist them to dress. In these cases, plan your approach well and observe their mood. If you can, be varied about the way you encourage them to change but still maintain a cheerful voice.
  5. Get help
    There’s no harm in getting professional assistance when it comes to dressing your senior loved one. There are extra hands ready to help from providers of Home Care in Banning, California. You can also get help from the Internet, which will provide you information on the right type of dresses fit for your loved one’s condition.

In the aspect of caregiving, think of the times you’re assisting your senior loved one as moments of adventure. They can be opportunities to learn more about their condition while at the same time show your love for them. At Caregivers Galore, we endeavor to assist your care needs at home whenever you need our help. Just don’t hesitate to keep in touch with our friendly team.

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