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Senior Safety: 5 Fall Prevention Pointers You Should Consider Now

Senior Safety: 5 Fall Prevention Pointers You Should Consider Now

The incident of falls among seniors is a serious matter. A fall can result in injuries which, when undetected, can lead to serious health problems. It is important to do everything that you can to minimize your seniors’ chances of falling, especially at home and when you are not around.

To help you out, Caregivers Galore suggests the following fall prevention pointers for you to consider and improve senior safety at home:

  1. Encourage physical exercise in your seniors.

    Physical exercises keep the body strong and flexible. They are also good to maintain balance and coordination. Regular exercises can help lessen the chances of your loved ones experiencing falls.

    The exercise does not have to be intense. Your aging family members can go with stretching, yoga, or walking. Simple exercises will also lessen the likelihood of injuries. You or a caregiver in California can provide support when exercising if necessary.

  2. Provide them with the right pieces of clothing.

    Wearing the right clothes is a necessity. Make sure to provide your loved ones with non-slip socks and footwear to prevent slips while they are walking. As much as possible, do not give them loose pants as they might trip on the hanging ends.

  3. Address medical-related concerns.

    Many seniors fall due to poor eyesight or dizziness caused by taking medications. Talk to the doctor about these concerns and get solutions for them. For instance, your loved ones can wear eyeglasses to battle poor eyesight.

  4. Make safety modifications to the home.

    Home modifications may be necessary for your loved ones’ advanced years. These may include installing grab bars, installing handrails on staircases, using brighter lights, widening of doors and entryways, and removing elevated steps.

    Senior care services in California can help you gather suggestions on what modifications is appropriate for your family members’ situation. Be sure that your loved ones agree to make these modifications happen. After all, it is their home.

  5. Avoid the stairs.

    Stairs are danger zones. There is an increased risk of falling in this part of the house. Your loved ones might experience dizziness for some reason midway or might trip while climbing up even a step. If left alone, they may fall.

    To help your aging family members avoid using the stairs, moving their bedroom from the second floor to the ground level may be necessary. If there is no extra room on the ground floor, you might want to set up space solely for your loved ones to use as a bedroom.

When your loved ones’ conditions require home care in Banning, California, our caregivers are the people to call. Get in touch with us today so we can arrange for an evaluation.

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