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Helpful Tips for Every In-Home Caregiver

Helpful Tips for Every In-Home Caregiver

Caring for an elderly loved one is no easy feat. Like you, your senior loved one has individual and personal needs, day-to-day tasks and activities, and a unique lifestyle and preferences. Unlike you, however, their advanced age, medical condition, or both, would render it challenging for them to perform all tasks by themselves. Because of this, it is essential to their daily lives to have a caregiver who would be able to provide the help, care, assistance, and supervision they need to be safe, secure, and healthy.

If you are new to the topic of in-home care and are seeking out a caregiver in California for your senior loved one, here are a few tips on elderly care to give you an idea on how it should be done, to keep your loved one healthy and comfortable:

  1. Communication Is Key

    Generally, communication with a senior should be simple, direct, and positive, especially when they are experiencing health problems, such as ones concerning their cognitive abilities, like dementia. Here are a few tips in communicating with a senior, especially one with dementia:

    • Go eye-level with your senior loved one, and establish eye contact with them
    • Use body language, touch them gently or hold their hand while talking
    • Ask questions that require simple answers like “yes” or “no”
    • Limit choices to prevent confusion and frustration
  2. A Good Life Starts with Good Hygiene

    A large portion of a caregiver’s role is to provide help and support in a senior’s daily personal hygiene tasks—from bathing and toileting, to dressing and grooming. These do not only keep an elderly person clean, but can even make them feel good.

    • Encourage loose-fitting clothing with garter or elastic waistbands, as these make it easier for seniors to dress and undress themselves
    • Lay out clothes for them in the order that they will wear them, and encourage your loved one to dress themselves
    • Use a sturdy shower chair and a hand-held shower head to prevent falls
  3. Regular Exercise Goes a Long Way

    Exercise, along with a nutritious, well-balanced diet, and proper rest, can go a long way in preventing diseases and keeping one’s body and mind healthy.

    • Seniors would prefer to go for a daily walk when accompanied by their caregiver
    • Encourage your loved one to help with light housekeeping tasks to allow physical activity
    • A stationary bike is good for seniors who find difficulty in walking outdoors
    • Tossing balls and rubber exercise bands are also advisable, to keep movement indoors

Caregivers Galore is a trusted provider of senior care services in California. We are composed of compassionate, reliable, and efficient caregivers with extensive professional experience, skills, and knowledge, and we make sure to provide only the right caregiver who is a suitable match for your elderly loved ones.

Depending on your loved ones’ unique needs and lifestyle, we offer quality home care in Banning, California that is versatile, flexible, and of course, reliable. For more information, contact us at 951-846-6844.

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